Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jack Stout

Tasted during a Sunday night thunder storm following a day of moving and cleaning. Thanks to Jen for picking up a six pack of this. Still, it's something about canned stout that really captures my attention.
Appearance: Rusty black brown with a chalky texture. The head is frothy and tan in color worthy of a fingers worth, quite dense, but dissipates over only minutes. Black in the pint glass.
Aroma: Mild caramel malt with a rich chocolate aroma. Roastiness finishes the smell along with some licorice and molasses. Some smokiness rounds out the the beer. Expresso permeates the nostrils with a subtle roasted woodiness.
Taste: More of a dry stout, but enough balance in the malt to please the palate. Foretaste is sweet and roasty with some oxidation, but is hardly noticeable under the toasty chocolate malt sweetness. Coffee develops as the beer warms. Tannins and grain husk bitterness round out the flavor of the beer with a dash of alcohol. Hops are relatively negligible over the roasted flavor. A little grainy
Mouthfeel: The feel is a little watery. Carbonation is low and the body is somewhat light as well. Some tickles the front of the tongue, but the overall mouthfeel is unimpressive.
Overall Impression: The beer maintains a good flavor, but the texture is somewhat insufficient. I enjoy the balance of sweet malt and dry tannin, alcoholic bitterness and dryness. But as the beer warms, the dry tannic bitterness does become a little deterring.


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