Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jinx Proof

Thanks to Michael Gillhouse for bringing this out a couple weekends ago. Gillhouse currently works for a steel company out on the border of Indiana, just 20 minutes from the brewery. He's been a fantastic contributor to the blog. This was tasted Tuesday evening following 12 x 400m workout and enjoyed with homemade pita chips and black bean hummus.

Appearance: Yellow golden color. Some glowing, but subtle haze encapsulates the beer, but leaves it still visually appealing. Head is minimal and dissipates quickly but leaves a protruding white foam from the sides of the glass. No activity is present within the glass.
Aroma: Spicy and pungently sweet. Honey and yeast is predominantly present. Floral and lemon citrus are highly contributing elements to the overall scent of the beer. Yeasy dominates above all.
Taste: The foretaste is lightly sweetened with a pilsner malt and perhaps some wheat. Midtaste reveals the beginning of what stages as an extremely floral flavor. Some earthiness emerges in finish along with lemon and a farmhouse astringency. A lemon tartness as well as bittering peel is noted in a vapored aftertaste, paralleled with a pepper corns undertone and still the remaining honey characteristic. Flowery and yeasty provide a persistent flavor throughout. Finishing is bitter citrus fruit, mostly lemon.
Mouthfeel: The body is light but the carbonation is quite high, providing a fizzy texture that bites the tongue and then dissipates into a foamy bittered finish leaving the mouth dry and yeasty.
Overall Impression: Very similar to something Dogfish Head would make (or visaversa). Very complex and surprisingly difficult to characterize! Spicy and yeasty, yet drinkable and very enjoyable!


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