Saturday, May 14, 2011

422 Pale Wheat Ale

Thanks to Robert Liva for donating this to the blog. We went to Hy-vee and he told me to pick an assorted 12 pack with something I haven't had, but with enough bitter beers to appease him. Southern Tiers craft pack was just right. Tasted Saturday afternoon following a 14 miler.

Appearance: Hazy straw yellow with no head to speak of, consequently, it leaves no lacing.  Visible rising carbonation among the turbidity.
Aroma:  Strong presence of wheat malt and yeast.  Fruit like lemon and pear complement the strong grain flavor.  Simple and clean.  Aroma is very subtle so this makes it difficult to pick out more smells.
Taste:  Very light and crisp.  Starts off with a wheaty, grainy flavor that gives way to citrus flavored hops that add a slight bitterness to the finish.  Also contributing to the flavor is a hint of zesty lemon from midtaste to the finish.  Very wheaty in the malt base and sweetness with a ripe fruit skin bitterness. Pear skin.
Mouthfeel:  Light bodied with very active, minuscule carbonation bubbles that add a sort of creamy texture.  Slightly dry finish but not overpowering.  Leaves a herbal aftertaste
Overall Impression:  Southern Tier makes a very simple and clean brew that would be refreshing to drink on a hot summer day.  Yet there is an underwhelming quality overall.  Surprisingly, the alcohol content is 5.8%. quite an interesting beer that clashes hops and wheat.


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