Saturday, May 14, 2011

Belgian White

Tasted before heading to Kate and Elises to enjoy some freshly harvested morels from the Augustana Slough. We breaded them in almond flour and fried them in butter.

Appearance: Extremely high carbonation as it aggressively clings to the side of the glass. The foam white head was big and bubbly, initially, but quickly fell resulting in a soapy film. A ring is very active around the glass as it's fueled by the carbonation below. A basic pale straw color with a present haze.
Aroma: Very yeasty to the nose with some complex clove phenols. A wheaty citrus and a floral undertone take on the backbone of the beer. Even some lemon zest and other relatable spices are notable.
Taste: Bready sweetness with a paralleled yeastiness throughout the entire flavor. To accommodate, a bit of tang presents itself which may be comparable to oranges. Cloves and lemon begin to emerge by the midtaste. To finish I taste a strong Belgian yeast character as well as undertones unmalted wheat grist tannins. Finally there is a big coriander spice at the end.
Mouthfeel: Carbonation wasn't as aggressive as the appearance led me to believe. In fact it was quite smooth with fine micro bubbles tickling the top of the tongue. Light body and high drinkability.
Overall Impression: A decent white beer, it incorporates a lot of complexity if you stop to think about it, otherwise it's a good drinking beer. Yeast and coriander dominate with an underlying foundation of wheat malt. 


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