Monday, May 30, 2011

Dancing Man Wheat

Tasted Memorial Monday following an hour yoga session and a huge omelet made from the garden. Heading to downtown Rock Island for the annual bike races, so I figured I get this done early. Thanks to my dad for getting me this for graduation. It was the last of the beer in the New Glarus assorted six pack.

Appearance: Glowing light amber to golden orange color with a strong white bubbly head. It dissipates into a consistent white foamy film with a cling on the sides. The clarity is minimal, even without the dregs poured in. Some carbonation intermittently bubbling to the surface.
Aroma: Very astringent and almost soured - Brettanomyces character. Overripe fruit scent and a bit of citrus wheat in the finish. Also, quite yeasty.
Taste: Sweet and honeyed. Huge fruit bill clove is a dominating characteristic with a spicy tinge complemented with cinnamon and notes of banana and lemon. The fruity esters are highly apparent in this beer - apricots, pears, bananas and even soured cherries. The finish leaves the mouth with a tart but slightly dried grain aftertaste. Esters and phenols along with the strong alcohol is sensed on the breath following the finish of the beer. Bready and spiced. Very subtle hops. Lemon and lemongrass flavor seems to be the dividing taste that separates the foretaste from the finish. Earthy.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a faint and light carbonation to round out the flavor. A little bit sticky on the lips, but still finishing dry. Refreshing, yes, but primarily from the carbonation. Alcohol prolongs the aftertaste with its dryness, while inhibiting a crisp clean finish.
Overall Impression: This is one of the strange beers I've tried since beginning this blog. I was quite surprised in the beginning, and almost repulsed from the soured, off flavor. But it still maintained an element of appeal. It encapsulates a soured character but with the normative banana and clove, along with other yeasty and fruit related flavors. Quite an ABV to tamper with. Spicy! Just still not used to this type of beer. So different, it was hard to give a review. Props for being to different. I'm so used to normal Hefe's with strong wheat citrus and lemon.

Tim: 84/100
Jen: 73/100

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