Sunday, May 29, 2011


Tasted Wednesday night after an 8 mile run (Tim) and bike ride (me). We opted for staying in on a nasty rainy night instead venturing out into the cold. The fact that we drove to HyVee to get this seasonal is besides the point...

Appearance: Bright golden yellow color with lots of visible, active carbonation rising from primarily the middle of the bottom of the glass with some accumulation on the sides. This fuels a soapy white head which soon thins to a layer of bubbles with most concentrated in the center. Clarity is at its maximal.
Aroma: A very light and effervescent aroma, carrying notes of lemon zest and flowery undertones. Slight presence of grain, citrus hops, and spices all work together to impart a outdoorsy-sort of smell. Yeasty.
Taste: Very simple flavor and although there is not a lot of depth, the taste is clean . There is a hint of vague pale malt that is followed by some lemon zest and flowery traces. Has a bit of breadiness contributing to the taste. The citrus hops carry a finishing, crisp bite. An undertone of grainy, unmalted wheat is present which still contributes that dry tannin, lemony bready flavor. A peppery end to a very pungent beer. Leaves behind a grain hull aftertaste. A bit skunky like a Heinekin.
Mouthfeel: Has a light-medium body and a definite dry finish that leaves a slightly mild, bitter aftertaste in the back of throat and mouth. Carbonation helps to bring out and balance out the flavors.
Overall Impression: This beer, although it is characterized a pilsner style, could fall into the line of a wheat/hefe, but still has a lagered pungency and a bready undertone. The hops aren't as crisp as most pilsners, leaving out a lot of the distinct Hallertau and Saaz hopping. Can't really get around the husky aftertaste - which is a big distinguishing characteristic from a pilsner.

$7.99/six pack


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