Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pale Ale

Tasted Sunday afternoon after a study break from final papers. Thanks to Joey Waldorf for buying a assorted craft pack from Boulevard and giving me all the beers I hadn't tried, including the Bock, Amber and Porter. They will be up soon!

Appearance: Upon pour, the beer exhibits a carbonation like nothing I've seen. Bubbles layer the inside of the glass as they grow and then rampantly rush to the surface. Like an over carbonated pop. Little to no head aside from the partial soapy film on top. A basic amber color with a underlying chill haze throughout. Nevertheless there is a basic clarity to this beer.
Aroma: Fruity. Nice base malt sweetness reminiscent of light caramel and biscuits. A little bit of a floral hop scent gives way to a combined fruitiness. A touch of vineous spice and tartness at the finish. Earthy, but a fantastic smell
Taste: A juicy beer. Quite sweet, but follows a basic malt character. Rich caramel and toasted grains make up the front of the bill. An interesting fruitiness takes hold by midtaste as it reminds me of grapes, but also pears and dark orange skin. The end of this beer is nicely hopped. Pine permeates through with an underlying citrus helps balance. This beer has a big malt bill, but is nicely corrupted by the finish from the hops. The aftertaste has a grassy component, but still incorporates a nice citrus/orange bitterness. Alcohol is present alongside the bitterness, with the viney taste. The finish ultimately leaves one very refreshed with it's crisp and bitter end. From a break of sipping, the aftertaste does develop a bit of a minerally flavor.
Mouthfeel: Body is surprisingly heavier than I expected. Still, carbonation is high, with a spike to the tip of the tongue. Yet going down, its consistency is bubbly smooth and almost soft. Finishes very dry with a minor resin to the tongue and roof of the mouth
Overall Impression: I was actually quite impressed with this beer. It was both refreshing, but had a huge caramel malt backbone to balance a simple but satisfying finish. Body was deceivingly heavy, but it ended quite soft, but crisp and dry. I'd see myself buying/ordering this one again.


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