Monday, May 16, 2011

Big Easy Imperial Maibock

Tasted following an easy run Sunday afternoon. Jen and I split the bottle in the tasting flight she got me for my birthday. Bought this from Rock Island Hy-vee in an assorted six pack. I'm certainly glad they sell Lakefront Brewery out here, though I'd love to see their Organic ESB out here...

Appearance: Pale golden amber color with a brilliant hue. High carbonation. Bubble accumulation on the sides make this beer look crisp and refreshing. The head was an initial 1/2" creamy white foam, but dissipated into a ring around the glass.
Aroma: Clean smelling and crisp. An undertone of honey  and light pale malt round out the sweetness. Wheat citrus is pulled through as the beer develops a floral based scent. Candy caramel aroma as the beer warms. Some hay/straw smell as well.
Taste: Honey and bready sweetness initially with a drying flavor. There is also some wheat elements to the foretaste. More bitter than other bock beers. Some peppery components finish the beer off with a mild citrus taste and alcohol. Also I find minute notes of smokiness. Fruity aftertaste, with a prominent butterscotch character. Yeasty finish with a lagered pungency. Alcohol is nicely integrated into the beer where the dry grainy and hop finish does a nice job of masking it. Finally, as the beer warms, I get somewhat of a simmering apple character to it. Some tartness.
Mouthfeel: Full body, yet still a soft mouthfeel and a persistently low carbonated texture. A little sticky to the lips but finishes dry and crisp due to the alcohol.
Overall Impression: I enjoy the bready/alcohol aftertaste. Lots of malt, but still a lower end on the bitter side. Smooth and full bodied. Alcohol content still is low enough/or goes un-noticed enough to remain a good drinkable beer. I enjoyed having this because it was definitely something out of the ordinary

Tim: 88/100
Jen: 90/100

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