Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Export Ale

Tasted in celebration of getting a job for the summer at Great River Brewery. I'll be doing cellar man work, working the taproom, as well as assisting in events. Thanks to Robert (Al) Liva for picking up a 12 bottle craft pack and donating a bottle of each to the blog. This is the first time I've had Shipyard.

Appearance: Golden and clear with a thin soapy white head on top. Carbonation is apparent but doesn't look anything out of the ordinary. Brilliant with impeccable clarity.
Aroma: Soft ripe apricots and a light pale malt make up most of the nose. Some spicing thereafter accommodates with a bit of breadiness and...I'd say almost rye. But generally it is a pretty clean smelling beer.
Taste: Very sweet with an underlying graininess to it. Light biscuits and caramel. Fruitiness develops once you realize the finish. predominantly white grapes and leafy tannins to the back of the throat. A little juicy in the midtaste, which is then tamed down by a sweetened aftertaste with a drying bitter flavor that doesn't resemble hops. Almost herbal. Tart and resinous at the end.
Mouthfeel: Micro bubbles tickle the top of the tongue. The finish seems watery, but the body falls medium range. Otherwise this beer is puffy. Finishes very dry with a glutinous texture in the back of the throat.
Overall Impression: I would have classified it with a basic drinking lager/ale, but the unique taste in the back of the throat was actually appealing to me. It provided an earthy/grapevine flavor that isn't all too common to the beers I've tried. Still it is nice and drinkable. Something I'd actually like to try again


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