Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Red's Rye P.A.

I had tried this beer exactly one year ago tomorrow while venturing through the Chicago Craft Beer Week events. I tried it and was moderately enthused about it. I really never got to trying it since. Thanks to Jaron Gaier and Maggie Hayes for bringing over a six pack last night for some good company and tasting. Got to reviewing it following my LAST FINAL OF COLLEGE!

Appearance: As it was poured, the stream looked somewhat of a hazy pale yellow with an ambered hue. However in the glass, the beer exhibited a glowing copper red with an off white foamy 1/2" head with specked bubbles. Carbonation looks very subtle against the even distribution of colored cloudiness. Wet lacing caresses the sides.
Aroma: Oaky and spiced. A strong effervescent aroma permeates the nostrils with a rich toffee and caramel backbone followed by an earthy, but predominantly rye scent. Some mellow blood orange and grapefruit follow as undertoned components. Dark fruit esters arise under the boastful malt bill.
Taste: A basic candied caramel foretaste that immediately graduates into a rush of rye and fruit spicing. Some toffee is present as well. As soon as the carbonation fizzes on the top middle of the tongue, the woody-oak spicing, and bourbon flavors arise with vengeance. The hops add a fantastic addition to the overall flavor profile with a tropical grapefruit element as well as some citrus zest. As the beer warms there begins to emerge a roasted/chocolaty component to the malt foundation. The more the palate takes to this beer, the more a subtle fresh orange zest and pineapple creeps in. Amarillo hops to the max...definitely my favorite in any type of beer. Alcohol melds perfectly with the spicing of the rye and the Amarillo hopped finish.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied approaching full while the carbonation both loosens it up while unlocking the complexity, but further adding to a smooth texture. The hopped dryness adds a very refreshing character to the finish. Crisp dry finish
Overall Impression: Many rye beers just rely on their specialty grains to bring out flavor. However, Red's Rye Pale Ale really brings out the pinnacle of complementary flavors with malt and hop spicing. This beer is amazingly crafted with a astonishing complexity while remaining relatively easy drinking and refreshing. Similar to Two Brother's Cane & Ebel but far exceeding in flavor and overall complexity. Simply fantastic!

Alternative options:
Two Brother's Cane and Ebel
Bear Republic's Hop Rod Rye
Great River's Hop*A*Potamus
He'Brew's Bittersweet Lenny's R.I.P.A


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