Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two Women Lager

Tasted following a review session for my political philosophy final. Thanks to my dad, Steven Rosley for picking up a six pack of this for me to try. I received it following my 5k at North Central

Appearance: Poured a clear golden color, but in the glass settled as a bronzed amber with the utmost clarity and brightness. Microbubble carbonation rise slowly to the surface to fuel what was initially a very soapy off whit head, but dissipated a few minutes later into a foamy ring leaving behind it a wet sticky lacing on the sides of the glass.
Aroma: Oddly enough I draw a lot of farmhouse and must from the aroma, though it is fruity, it comes off more as a Belgian funk. There is some caramel and toffee malt to hold a foundation with a woodsy and earthy scent. Fruit dominated.
Taste: Similar to the aroma the beer exhibits this "funk" but in a lot more palatable motion. Until the midtaste there isn't much to it. However, upon then a bouquet of very mellow fruity undertones splash against the tongue blossoming into dark fruit and plum-like notes. Some caramel and bread malt are integrated underneath layers of fruity funk and spicy bitterness. Yeastiness and Belgian character are very prominent, while the bitterness is unique, but well integrated. The herbal element is nicely integrated with some tones of lemon and orange peel bitterness. Not as crisp as I would have thought, but the hallertau hops add a great addition to the beers overall complexity
Mouthfeel: Starts a little watery until the midtaste comes in. Body is somewhat thin overall, but carbonation helps give some girth (sorry, that probably isn't a word I should use for reviewing beer. Nevertheless it still brings in a refreshing component.
Overall Impression: Definitely one of the more interesting lagers I've had. It maintained a twisted complexity with an earthy woody flavor along with Belgian phenols and German hops. Still it was very clean at the finish. Wow.


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