Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bully! Porter

Thanks to Joey Waldorf for picking an assorted 12 craft pack from Rock Island Hy-vee and donating the ones I haven't tasted (i.e. Pale ale, Bock, Porter). Tasted on a lazy Thursday afternoon (the last day of finals) after a brief trip to olin to print out a slough of sources for my final essay for my independent study - Fermentation of Probiotics. Tasted in a snifter.

Appearance: Very dark brown with complete color/transparency inhibition. A foamy beige/brown head erupts at the pout but dissipates into an accumulated ring around the snifter. Some slight carbonation visible within.
Aroma: A little acidic and roasty to the nose. A hefty smoked malt presence complements a vary subtle earthiness. Generally I draw coffee and subtle notes of fruity esters/tartness. Actually somewhat of a deterining overall scent. Fire pit with composting coffee beans...
Taste: A little watery but the acidic roasty flavor is the most apparent characteristic. Not very palatable. Dry and burnt at the finish. Smokiness continues throughout the the beer. Not too much by way of malt character - AKA-  little sweetness in the form of a base malt. Much of the flavor resides in the end, both floral, and earthy like smoking old logs. As the beer warms, the alcohol emerges along with an undertone of fruity esters. High tannin element to this beer. Leaves behind a lasting burnt coffee flavor in the back of the throat.
Mouthfeel: Body is insufficiently light. Large bursts of foam within the mouth. Makes for a creamy texture, but overwhelming foamy, leaving little liquid feel in the mouth. Finishes dry.
Overall Impression: Wasn't impressed with this porter at all. I think the acidity was a huge drawback, especially because it lacked the sweetness to back it up. It left a smoky flavor to the tongue that tended to last a bit too long. Body was watery. Eh, better luck with their Pale Ale.


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