Sunday, May 22, 2011

Totally Naked Lager

Tasted following my last collegiate 1500m race. Finished comfortably in 4:08, not a pr, but still a decent race. I have the 5k in 2 hours at 8:45, so I figured a light crisp lager to be a perfect option.
Appearance: A clean looking straw/yellow look with absolute brightness and clarity. A soft foamy white head set atop the beer at first but fell back into the liquid soon after. High carbonated look. Initially bubbles accumulated on the glass.
Aroma: A little skunky and stale, but an attribute originating from the hops and yeast. A little bit peppery with a lemongrass citrus undertone. Very floral.
Taste: Sweet and crisp. A very basic base malt with a  very light honey aspect. Clean tasting. The hops contribute a pepper and lemon complexity. A little astringent, but a favorable characteristic. Floral bitterness and a bready sweetness shove the beer to the finish laving almost no aftertaste to speak of.
Mouthfeel: High carbonation but fitting the beer. Clean and crisp. Light body, and a smooth mouthfeel overall. Dry.
Overall Impression: I enjoyed the crisp element of the beer. Finishing with pepper and lemon really helped round out a bready/honey malt and an overall floral profile. Highly drinkable


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