Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pale Ale

Thanks again to Joe Wietlispach for bringing this beer back from Arkansas. I got around to tasting it Wednesday evening after the first run of the summer. Tasted prior to a dinner of Organic Curried Carrot Soup!

Appearance: Poured a stream of brilliant gold. However, a deep coppered color with a redish hue presented itself in the glass. The head is substantial at first but dissipates into a foam coating of beige/white color. Carbonation is present
Aroma: A subtle caramel and toasted barley malt presence is noted right from the start. Similarly a mellow fruit character develops as the hops make their way into the scent
Taste: Sweet and carameled. Some brown sugar is apparent in the foretaste as well. I find this pale is one few and far between to boast more of a malt bill than others who tend towards more of the hops. Nevertheless there is a hopped aspect of fruitiness. There is also a big nutty flavor permeated between that is quite delectable. A little bit of orange and raisin is maintained in the end. Some honey aspect develops as the beer warms, as well as the fruitiness becomes more apparent but finishes with a skin tannin bittered dryness.
Mouthfeel: The body is medium invitingly smooth and soft with the carbonation biting on the tip of the tongue and no where else, leaving the beer to wash down fluidly and dry.
Overall Impression: Honestly, I didn't suspect this was a pale ale off the flavor. The nuttiness and fruit made me think more in terms of an amber. Fruitiness and grape skin tannins are highly prominent factors. Not your normal pale ale


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