Friday, May 27, 2011

Basement Batch Pale Ale

Tasted Friday evening while making dog treats from the spent grains from the Pipe Stout we brewed the day prior at Great River. Thanks to Joe Weitlispach for again donating this beer to the blog! Especially from a brewery I've never even heard of.
Appearance: A muddied copper color with an opaque hue. Clarity is limited, but micro-bubbled carbonation can be seen rising along the sides of the glass. The head is densely foamy but dissipates quickly leaving behind an inconsistent film and a ring around the glass. Dry lacing coats the sides where the head once resided.
Aroma: Initially I sense a strong grapefruit presence. The hops pair nicely with the malt base which takes on a slight caramel sweetness. Fruitiness predominates, reminiscent of raisins, but also plums. Citrus throughout with even a tropical orange undertone
Taste: Sweet foretaste of caramel and biscuit. Once the carbonation intervenes, I pick up a rush of ripe ruby red grapefruit. Hops are the star in this beer, but they remain perfectly incorporated to bring on a balanced, not-too-bitter pale ale. Similarly the underlying flavor is fruit. The back taste begins to incorporate an orange flavor, while the finish and aftertaste are zesty and dry. The cascade definitely do their part in contributing both the fruit and skin flavor from the grapefruit. Alcohol goes unnoticed/masked
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied and highly refreshing. Carbonation isn't a large component here, I see it as a component only to bring out more of the complexity in the flavor. Nevertheless I find it to have a little spark over the top of the tongue. Finally, the beer finishes dry, but crisp.
Overall Impression: Certainly one of the best pales I've tasted - primarily for the bold grapefruit flavor. The beer was simple but very invigoratingly refreshing and fruity. I especially enjoyed the label that both had an appeal in the artwork as well as the story (I enjoy a good read to go with my beer).


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