Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sundown Dark Beer

Thanks to Jen and Sheri Hendrick for donating this beer! It was tasted after a couple hours in the lab and prior to practice.

Appearance: The pour was quite light, but in the glass it looks the same color as the bottle though with a rubied tint. Relatively clear aside for the color inhibition. Huge 2" soapy off white head settles atop the beer. Micro bubble carbonation present.
Aroma: A rich caramel and toasted malt dominates the nose. Roasted nuts along with an underlying brown sugar and honey effervescence permeate under the prominent malt aroma. Some mild graininess along with a splash of fruit.
Taste: Just as the aroma predicted this beer continues to exhibit an overwhelming toasted and caramel malt bill. In combination however, these flavors produce a rich chocolaty flavor.There are dashes of wood. Some licorice present as well as some aspect of vanilla. Interestingly the finish is slightly boozy with a neutral complementary bitterness to taste. Roasted figs and raisins are present along with a bit of tannin undertones. Finally there is a subtle touch of metallic flavor in the very finish.
Mouthfeel: Smooth and very well carbonated. Medium body is held by a fine carbonation. Somewhat sticky to the lips, and it leaves a little bit of cloying to the back of the throat.
Overall Impression: The malt in this one was just too much. Very unbalanced. If they just downsized the malt bill and added a little hops to the flavor, this beer would stand well. Perhaps its just meant to be a sweeter gateway beer for the beginner.

6 pack:  $6.99


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