Thursday, May 5, 2011

Unfiltered Wheat

Thanks to my brother for getting a six pack of this beer from an Iowa city gas station on our way back to his house. Previously in the night we had been hanging out at Old Capital Brew Works for the tapping of the Saison. The finish of the night ended with meeting Aleeza and Thomas at the Sanctuary.

Appearance: Straw Yellow with a dominating haze that overtakes the appearance. A thin but dense film coats the top of the beer. Wet lacing is apparent. Entire, consistent haze throughout.
Aroma: Pungent and almost astringently funky. Wheat citrus is present. A little bit grainy in . Undertones of lemon integrate nicely. Bready malt base.
Taste: Lemon citrus initiates the forefront of the flavor. Secondly there is a sweet citrus graininess that follows, but melds into a subtle lemon citrus. Actually the more I think about the more lemon citrus dominates in the overall flavor of this beer. Extremely sweet and oriented in the form of  wheat and citrus. Some corny element to it as well, followed by honey.
Mouthfeel: A bit watery, but once the carbonation kicks in it froths up and expands with a great foaminess and smooth texture.
Overall Impression: Very drinkable. Another gateway beer like the 312. Still some graininess resides in the back of the throat, tasting like extra-fully-extracted grains.

Six Pack: $7.99


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