Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sky High Rye

This was the six pack I got when Henry Lapka and I hung out last Thursday. We played some PS# and headed over to Josh Schipps to check out the place (I’m living there now). Reviewed Sunday morning in order to catch up on my logging over the past few days.
Appearance: Golden straw color that remains quite cloudy after the dregs from the bottom of the bottle was added. Bubble and fizzy carbonation reveals itself initially, but dies down as the beer sits a little. Head isn’t worth mentioning, aside for a small conglomeration of film that resides in the middle.  Small particulates flocculate within.
Aroma: Sweet with a spicy rye kick to it. There is an underlying pale malt biscuit backbone along with some fruitiness to it. Nevertheless it is the floral hops and rye spicing that dominate the scent of this beer.
Taste: Starts with a basic and very well neutral sweetness.  By the midtaste it transcends into a fantastically herbal, but rye spiced flavor that deepens as the beer goes. It vaporizes in the back of the throat and you can almost breath the rye out from there. The hops add a bit of grassiness as well as some pine that is present but difficult to acknowledge over the strong rye presence.
Mouthfeel: The beer is a nice light body with a crisp and refreshing Mouthfeel. Some cloying aspects are left to the back of the mouth and a bit to the lips. Carbonation adds a nice crisp character to the beer.
Overall Impression: Does the Rye dominate? For sure. Is it overwhelming? Just maybe. However I do
enjoy how they combine a pale ale with a bit of the extra characteristic to make this beer few and far between. As you may know, I love rye! Whiskey is not my thing, but I really enjoy it in my beer. Would I get another six pack of this? Maybe, if I had someone to split it with. This beer certainly acknowledges the extent the craft beer industry can experiment. Perhaps next year they can go slightly lighter on the rye and they’ll get my vote!
This beer was $9.49 / six pack

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