Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oberon Ale

Thanks to Kate Ries and Elise Meyer for getting a six pack of this beer on our weekly Tuesday night dinner events. Suprisingly enough I’m a difficult person to buy new beer for. This was enjoyed with a vegetable concoction with pasta and Trader Joes Cheese and Crackers. Reviewed Sunday morning to catch up on my lack of posting the past few days.
Appearance: Golden yellowe with a cloudy hue to it. Extremely bubbly looking, but not fizzy like pop. The head is very dense and white as it seems to make a strong coat over the surface of the beer.  Some flocculation present as the rising of the bubbles creates a moving turbulence within. A sticky dense white lacing braces the sides.
Aroma: Quite spicy to the nostrils. Some fermented corn or candy sugar is dominating, but as well there is somewhat of a lagered pungency. If anything this reminds me of a steam beer (Ale yeast fermented at lager temperatures). Crisp herbal element and sweetness remains a present element.
Taste: Initially it has a very basic malt and corn sugar like sweetness. The carbonated fizz permeates the remaining characteristics, that are predominantly very bready and dry, especially in the back of the throat. The finish revolves around a pungent husk profile with a tannin background. Aftertaste is of under ripe lemon zest and the ever remaining dry, soapy, woody, plastic taste – phenols. The beer is pretty neutral in flavor aside from the astringent breadiness and some residual citrus and corn taste. Some earthiness and a finishing spice.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a higher carbonation, but that integrates well into the beer. It is relatively soft while maintaining a dry finish and a prolonged aftertaste.
Overall Impression: I wasn’t overly impressed with this beer. It exhibits a high drinkability and refreshing but leaves a drawn out aftertaste that I’m relatively opposed to. Bready sweetness with a corn element to it. I probably don’t see myself drinking this very often, but Bell’s makes it as their introductory beer (gateway) to their more sophisticated line-up
This beer was $7.88 / six pack

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