Monday, May 2, 2011

Trumer Pils

This beer holds an interesting story. Originally from Austria, where it was strictly sold there for over 400 years. In 2004 the brewery came to California to set up shop as an American Craft Beer. Therefore, this gives me permission to log it on this blog. I bought Joe Wietlispach a 12 pack from Binny's, where he left one at Great River for Trevor, but Trevor was gracious enough to donate it to the blog! Anyway I tasted this following an 8 mile run that included to miles at 4:59 and 4:56 as well as a time spent in the yard tilling up some earth for our summer cornfield!

Appearance: Pale yellow with a whitish hue. The head is a white foam film that maintains the same consistency as it laces the side of the glass. Some haziness about this beer is inviting to me knowing it wasn't entirely filtered of its yeasty goodness.
Aroma: Dry but floral and spicy. Some subtle sweetness, but overall emits a grassy undertone. Rather clean smelling. A bit of a yeasty smell runs throughout.
Taste: There is a lag here, but then blasts the palate with a very clean but floral hop flavor with a touch of yeastiness and lemon. The yeastiness somewhat combines with a lagered astringency that is further accompanied by the hops. Saaz? Hallertau? Nevertheless the more the beer warms, it denotes some bready malt flavors, which is a surprise by way of sweetness.
Mouthfeel: Light body and mouthfeel, though it maintains a nice bubbly carbonated texture. It finishes dry and clean
Overall Impression: I was surprised how little I could write about this beer. It was overwhelmingly simple, but at the same time it exhibited very clear cut definition and character. I've since come to really appreciate Pilsners, and this is one of the top. Extremely drinkable, but fresh, and crisp with a peppered hopping flavor.

12 pack: $13.99


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