Thursday, June 9, 2011

Amber Ale

Tasted Thursday morning after a brief attempt at running (knee has been sore) but instead settled for an hour of yoga. Thanks to Joey Waldorf for donating this beer a couple weeks ago from one of the Boulevard Craft Pack's

Appearance: Rich amber color with a minimal off white head with an inconsistency in the bubbles. Most are small, but there are several interspersed that are large. Carbonation is high with medium sized bubbles clinging to the glass. The rest rocket upwards from the bottom. Clarity is optimal except for the darkened color inhibition
Aroma: Mildly toasted barley with a brown sugar sweetness. A bit nutty as well. Fruitiness of plums and grapes permeates the nose. Spicing as well.
Taste: Very sweet with almost a viney/grape sourness at the finish. What starts with a carameled toasted malt with a spicing of brown sugar and perhaps even some Cinnamon, quickly changes character as it passes through the midtaste. The finish is dry and a bit gritty with a grassy bitterness, but in combination with the malt, encourages a viney tartness. The very finish is dry with a bit of a tannin element. Aftertaste has a somewhat of a burnt character to it. Fruity/effervescent taste is confused in with an alcoholic flavor.
Mouthfeel: Carbonation is high with an exaggerated bite throughout. It spikes the tongue, minimizing any potential for the release of complex flavors. Medium body with no tackiness but a cloying factor in the back of the throat.
Overall Impression: High carbonation deters a lot of the potential flavor in this beer. The flavor is sub par and the vininess is unattractive. I enjoyed the short lived sweetness in the beginning as well as some of the spicing. Perhaps this is a beer for the Fat Tire fan wanting to branch out.


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