Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Traditional Lager

Tasted Wednesday evening after a long day at the brewery. Reviewed following a time spent weeding the garden with Pail (one of our new chicks) that we received from the Mad farmers. Likewise, this very beer I received from them as well. Thanks to Ian and Hannah. No worries, it wasn't at all skunky in the flavor!

Appearance: Gold in color with a minimal white foam filmed head. Quite clear with a micro bubbled fizz rapidly rising to the surface. Very appealing to the eye.
Aroma: A little skunky along with a bit of a cidery smell. Some caramel, along with a bit of a lagered yeastiness. A lot more mellow than others I've encountered. Not a whole lot going on in the aroma, and it's difficult to pin-point specific elements.
Taste: Semi-sweet with a bit of a Belgian-sugar flavor. Very buttery. Sweetness soon transfers into a slight bitterness, but nothing like any of the traditional "Ice-house" Econo-beers. Lots of a CO2/alcohol character, similar to the one I get when I open a fermenter for the first time and it sears the nose and burns the eyes, yet you still want to keep going back for more. Mild diacetyl. Some pear. Overall, it is quite a simple flavor, yet still enticing. Aftertaste dissipates quickly.
Mouthfeel: Carbonation is so fine that it almost melds too well with the beer. Ultimately it induces an extremely smooth and soft mouthfeel. Body nevertheless is light with a crisp, drying finish.
Overall Impression: I was actually pretty impressed with this beer. The label is plain, so some snobby beer drinkers overlook it. However the lager still boasts a very palatable flavor for being so simple.


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