Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Boss Tom's Golden Bock

Thanks to Joey Waldorf for donating this beer to the blog. enjoyed following my evening double and a financial/future discussion with Josh. Served in a pint glass.

Appearance: Hardly any head except for the minor amount of bubbles set across the surface of the brilliantly golden beer. Carbonation looks to be extremely high with persistent bubbles rapidly rising to the surface, but with no appearance of any accumulation on top.
Aroma: Mildly biscuity. Some honey and malted barley sweetness presents itself which is then followed by a light floral and almost lemony character. Lagered element with a it of age. Very light and generally quite appeasing.
Taste: Nice mellow sweetness with honey and biscuit malt. The fore taste is probably my favorite, as the end of the beer begins to permeate a sort of grain husk bitterness and tannin astringency. However, the light sweetness from the grains with a dash of lemon and even some bread make this beer extremely drinkable and palate pleasing. Some maple sweetness. The sweetness does nevertheless give me the impression that there was a wealthy amount of extra sugar added to the beer for the attenuation and the residual flavors. Hops are very minimal and more than not just come through as an encouragement for the alcohol in the finish
Mouthfeel: The feel is smooth, but it still gets me thinking that this is more like a soft drink. Lighter body. Carbonation doesn't necessarily bite the tongue, but just bubbles around it in a soft fizz. Some stickiness on the lips
Overall Impression: As the beer gets warmer, the sweetness is emphasized. I'd suggest keeping it quite cold, because I felt the flavor was best when the sweetness was toned down. Not much bitterness, predominantly honey and biscuit malt. decent.


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