Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Enjoyed following a run to the track and some plyos/drills and core. Spent the day running errands. Apologies for lack of posting yesterday. Thanks to Jen Misewicz for buying this beer from the Hy-vee on 53rd in Davenport.

Appearance: Soft bubbly cream white foam worth about an inch of head is present upon pour. It leaves an frothy residue on the side of the glass. The beer itself is a gloomily set amber with a evenly distributed turbidity. Nevertheless lots of carbonation can be seen from within. Beautiful lacing all down the side of the glass.
Aroma: Toasted barley and biscuit malt is exhibited immediately at the nose. Very appealing with its light graininess. Not much hopping, and much of the scent resides in the sweetness. Perhaps some dark roasted fruit and figs. After several tastes, there begins to develop a note of yeastiness
Taste: Great malt bill, biscuit and toasted malt again. However the also resides a honey undertone and interestingly enough some Belgian candy sugar. The hops come through with a very mild orange peel and citrus. Similarly the alcohol at the end encourages a bit of vininess. Strong fruity notes of apricots and plums, which come predominantly as a tartness. Gradually as the beer warms OR the taste buds become acquainted, more of a grapiness emerges. A back taste of lemon can even be noted. The very finish is defined with a spicing and tannins - a little woody, while the aftertaste is interestingly sweet with a similar drynesss and resin.
Mouthfeel: Nice carbonation strengthens a medium body and a bubbly texture. The lips are left sticky while the palate is dry with an ever-remaining aftertaste.
Overall Impression: I enjoyed the development of this beer. Almost the trickery, from first sip to the last the beer completely alters. What started toasted and grainy became fruity and effervescent. Nice malt flavor with Belgian candy sugar and honey practically making up the sweetness as it transforms in complexity. A great drinker


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