Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Island Wheat Ale

Thanks to Nelson Curran for giving me this beer at Ryan Biesterfeld's party last weekend. I was surprised to find Capital Brewery began canning (perhaps a theme?). Enjoyed while finishing making the organic Black Bean and Garlic Salsa I started earlier this afternoon.

Appearance: Huge bubble head which forms peaks and divots on the surface. Soapy and bright white. Lacing is styrafoamed but still wet. Color is of blonde/straw hue with a complete haze. There isn't any apparent carbonation, as the beer looks quite still.
Aroma: Initially, I can pick up an acute lemon zest that spikes the nostrils. Underneath a wheat citrus malt with a touch of graininess and zest predominate. Quite a bit yeasty with a similar bready aspect. Clover and banana can be acknowledged as alternative undertones. Yeast.
Taste: Again, the foretaste maintains a lemon character, but interestingly remains a bit watery. Aside for the lemon, a dash of wheat is exhibited, but not enough to make an enticingly sweet foretaste. Midtaste is lackluster at best, only hinting at the phenolic grain-husk. The end has subtle notes of tannins but likewise some vanilla, hops and bittering earthiness. Yeast is another prominent contributor, following along some fine line of a hefe and a wit, the attenuation was more-so completed. The finish has yeast and a dry bready aspect to it.
Mouthfeel: Bubbly with a spike at the tip of the tongue. Body is relatively light, making it an easily drinkable beer. Nevertheless, the mouthfeel is soft and free flowing, making a forgiving and smooth texture. Finish is still dry and crisp.
Overall Impression: I noticed this beer's motivation is more towards the drinkability for an audience who isn't as well acquainted with craft beer. For a wheat, it supposedly hits the style, but I thought it was missing a bit. taste is especially watery when cold, but "girths" up as it warms. Drying phenolic aftertaste. Not very exciting, but hell, they can. Cool.


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