Friday, June 24, 2011

Capital Pilsner

Thanks to Joshua Schipp for picking up a six pack of this for the evening of cooking homemade pizzas and cleaning out the chicken room (yes, we have chickens, did I mention that?) Anyway tasted around 10:30 Friday evening following a short run through Moline

Appearance: With the perfect pour, this beer exhibits a mushroom topped head with a soapy white foam consistency. Dissipation is quick while high carbonation from below enlarges the bubbles on top. Accumulation of carbonation clings to the side of the glass. Overall the beer is a straw gold with an ever so subtle haziness, attributed to chill haze. 
Aroma: A basic pale and pils malt make of the base, but most noteable it the yeast astringency and acetyladehyde. Some lemon citrus and notes of very clean but zesty peppery hops perfume up the nostrils. Undertone of bread throughout, yet balanced by the crisp hop character.
Taste: Light lemony foretaste is quite appealing, there isn't so much fruitiness as I would say a citrus zest. The pils simply acts as a base malt by which the hops are the stars. Lemon is tasted right off the bat, then pauses as the carbonation settles down on the palate. Then at the back of the throat, the rest of the hop complexities emerge with a rich pepper zest character. Very clean in flavor, while leaving the palate with something to think about aside for being perpetually refreshed. Big noble hop background.
Mouthfeel: The carbonation is a big contributor in this beer. It prescribes a fore-textured bite that pronounces the flavors of the beer, then as it mellows out, it enables others to emerge. This is an extremely light bodied beer with a spiking texture. Refreshing and crisp at the very finish.
Overall Impression: The peppery kick does it all, along with the lemon complexity. This is a light bodied, extremely drinkable and enjoyable beer for anyone. One can easily surpass the flavor and knock down six, while other's like myself can appreciate it for its refreshing texture and taste and the unique flavor profile. Light, lemony and peppery, perfect summer.


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