Sunday, June 19, 2011

East Coast Lager

Tasted after an efficient day of biking to Sunderbruch and running the forest trails. (Raspberries are up) I was surprised how nice all the mountain bikers are to runners. Finished and ended up stopping at Great River for a couple "recovery" pints. Got a brief tour of Front Street Brewery's Nano-brewhouse. Tasted in the evening after an organic fried rice dinner.

Appearance: Straw yellow with a glooming cloudiness. Nevertheless, carbonation is still visibly rising in small bubbles intermittently throughout. Head is minimal, but white, and leaves behind a dry white lacing strewn along the glass.
Aroma: There is a nice honeyed aroma to this beer. Pale and pilsner malt make up a lot of the nose, but there also resides a bit of lemon undertones with coriander and subtle zestiness. Lemongrass, more specifically, along with floral notes.
Taste: Very sweet, but enticingly palatable. Again, the honey protrudes through the basic malt base. A bit of breadiness. There is an assertive hop finish, combined with an ever-so-slight saltiness. Dried leaf tannins and lemongrass exhibit a prominent part in the overall complexity of this beer. I'd have to say it maintains a lot more flavor than I would have expected. Bit of yeastiness and clover phenols at the very finish. There is also some mild fruitiness too, reminiscent of pear and apricot. The finish is dry with the hops exposing their volatile, bitter acids.
Mouthfeel: Light and bubbly. The carbonation takes hold at the very forefront of the beer, making it seem a lot lighter in body than it really is. Mouthfeel is spiked in the beginning, but ends on a softer note. Some tackiness on the lips, but nothing too bothersome.
Overall Impression: I enjoyed the flavor profile of this beer, and thought it had a lot more to offer than most lagers. The lemon was nicely incorporated and the feel was crafted in a way that it finished very crisp and refreshing.


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