Saturday, June 18, 2011

India Pale Ale

Tasted following attending banjo/guitar/vocal performance by Jaron Gaier at CoolBeanz in Rock Island. Apparently they now serve beer, and a few I have yet to try. Pint Glass served. Purchased this from the Rock Island Hy-vee within a Summit's Winter Craft Pack.

Appearance: A basic amber with a hint of copper. There is an underlying haze throughout this beers appearance profile, that somehow makes it all the more enticing. The head is cream in color with a glossy foam consistency. It soon fades into a speckled film across the surface of the beer with a clinging rise around the perimeter of the glass.
Aroma: Rich caramel and biscuit malt, reminiscent of pre-fermented wort. Orange citrus and a bit of a tropical fruit note undertakes the big malt nose. Light grapefruit and even some floral overtones permeate the nostrils. Some pine is also a partial contributor.
Taste: A very sweet and almost candied foretaste. There remains even a tart fruitiness as well. The malt bill is still carameled with a toastiness to parallel. I'd say the alcohol makes its initial appearance in the foretaste as well, but also later in the accompaniment of the hop bitterness. Hops revolve around grapefruit and pine, yet do not dominate over any other element of the beer. I also pick up on orange peel. Ironically quite tropical overall. The alcohol then slips in with the bitterness, but remains relatively masked. The caramel comes back out again in the very finish before the aftertaste. Finally, a bitter citrus pith aftertaste remains on the back of the palate for several minutes thereafter each taste. In all combination of these flavors, even a fruity chocolate appeal is exhibited, if all are thought as one.
Mouthfeel: Carbonation does two things, it first helps at the beginning of the midtaste to bring out a tart fruitiness to the beer. It also is of a light character, but enough to zip the tongue and further the crisp and refreshing hop bitterness at the end. Body is medium, with a bit tackiness on the lips. Extremely refreshing.
Overall Impression: I enjoyed this beer for its not too over the top bitterness that nicely balanced the malt. It's simplistic profile made it very drinkable and crisp, yet nothing heavy or burning on the palate. Mmm! Surely one of the best drinkable IPA's I've had, and fully worth a six pack.


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