Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hopnotic India Pale Ale

Tasted Saturday afternoon after Jen left back to Plainfield. I thank her again for picking up a 12 Craft Pack from the Hy-vee on 53rd in Davenport.

Appearance: The beer hardly exhibits a head, except for a soapy white ring, layering the perimeter of the glass. Initially the carbonation is very high, with large bubble accumulations on the side of the glass, and especially on the bottom. Brilliantly clear and golden in color. No lacing.
Aroma: The malt bill is strong of pale and biscuit malt. A bit of an herbal undertone, which follows a citrus zest and orange pith scent. Some acetyladehyde and apple aroma.
Taste: Fruitiness and biscuit malt dominate the majority of the taste. Notes of apricot and pear with apples. Honey seems to be another very apparent addition to the overall malt bill. By the mid-taste, the beer maintains a very grassy profile, with a bit of a vegetal complexity. The finish exhibits a continued vegetable flavor with spices of ginger and clove. Similarly, there is a bitter aspect of lemongrass.
Mouthfeel: Medium body with a medium carbonation. Tackiness to the lips and a very drying element to the finish, yet leaving a cloying aspect to the very end.
Overall Impression: I really didn't enjoy the end of this beer, the vegetal aspect was the biggest deterrent. I found the foretaste to be its most admirable characteristic. Bits of citrus and fruit interspersed


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