Friday, June 17, 2011

Extra Pale Ale

Tasted following a dinner at the Olive Tree Cafe. I found it less than comparable to Pita Inn in Glenview, but I'm just happy there is a Mediterranean place in the QC that can fulfill my cravings. Purchased within the Summit Craft Pack from Rock Island Hy-vee. Reviewed the night before Jen heads home back to Plainfied...

Appearance: Relatively clear coppered color with a very strong head initially. Foamy and white, it soon dissipates into a bubbly film evenly layering the surface of the beer. Micro bubbled carbonation present as it rapidly rises to the surface.
Aroma: Toasted malt bill takes the initial impression. Some biscuit and basic pale malt profile. Quite floral and earthy. Notes of citrus and pear are dominant fruity characteristics. Bread and yeast come through at the very end.
Taste: Semi-sweet with a corn husk bitterness. Malt takes a background profile. The foretaste is lightly fruity, reminiscent of pears and honey, yet the attenuation makes for a very subtle integration of clove. The midtaste begins to expose the bitterness, which again maintains an element of grain husk, but also notes of floralness. Maybe some pine A bit of a viney flavor is noted in the back 9 of the taste. Aftertaste is high in fresh cut grass and plant tannins, tasted in the back of the throat. Nevertheless none of these flavors are very deterring.
Mouthfeel: Body is light, while the carbonation is quite high making the texture of this beer a bit aggressive with a pricking spike to all parts of the tongue. Yet the beer remains refreshing and crisp with a very drying finish.
Overall Impression: I like this beer for the fact that the malt bill is nothing to get over-excited about. The body is excruciatingly light, yet it boasts a big enough flavor to pass my flavor test. Complex? Not necessarily, but the simplistic taste and the appealing drinkability of this beer get my vote.


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