Friday, June 17, 2011

Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale

Thanks to Caley Cheney for taking me out to Corralville, Iowa for the Fleck/Hy-vee Beer-Wine-and Cheese tasting. I had the opportunity to taste a variety of beers, while at the same time pour for Great River. Luckily I got to take one of these home, a rarity that I was aching to try. Tasted Thursday Night after an 11 hour day at the Brewery canning Copper!

Appearance: Extremely robust bubbly head - maintaining a consistency of fine froth, but as time decomposes, it fades into still a strong soapy foam. Extremely well sustained. Lacing is dry and speckled. Color as hazed and golden yellow. Carbonation is apparent and there is a highly present flocculation and sedimentation.
Aroma: Faint dry yeast pungence. Bready undertones carry through to the end.  A bit of fruity tannin/skin notes along with touches of vine and grape. Light malt with a splash of citrus. Ever prominent clove and additional spices.
Taste: Enormous clove not only in the aftertaste, but in bittereness and tannins. Bready malt bill that accompanies a powerful yeastiness. Immediately peppery at the very end. The attenuation of the yeast contributes a significant character to the beer. Aside from the basic flavors, the products are citrusy and spiced. Notes of sourness emerge in the finish, reminiscent of lemon, grapefruit, and the persistent clove. Similar to the bittering finish is especially nutmeg, with perhaps an element of cardamon. Very similar to Great River Brewery's Farmhouse Saison, but a little lighter. Overall this beer maintains a very earthy flavor, that not only is a difficult characteristic to get used to, but is likewise difficult to get used to. However the complexity of this beer is absurd!
Mouthfeel: Very bubbly, almost overcarbonated. The carbonation spikes the tip of the tongue, and lasts to the very end. Generally, the beer exhibits a very light body and a strong, aggressive mouthfeel. The texture leaves the mouth feeling extremely dry for a prolonged period of time.
Overall Impression: Pungent and bready, but still there beholds a rich background of spicing, that not only complements the malt breadiness, but encourages a wealth of complexity that blossoms on the palate. Lemon, and nutmeg, clove and cinnamon


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