Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hop on Top

Thanks to Jaron Gaier for bringing over a sixpack of this beer for an enormous pizza dinner! Reviewed Wednesday night following my second interview with Modern Woodmen (yay!) and before a night out in Rock Island with the Tim Faith.

Appearance: Pours a clear, golden yellow and with a very thin cream-colored head which dissipates to leave a patch of bubbles in the middle and around the side of the glass. Carbonation bubbles layer the side of the glass, reminding me of a sparkling apple cider, those non-alcoholic drinks you may have had as a child at holiday parties.
Aroma: Very light and apparent presence of citrus hops. Possibly some apple vinegar sort of aroma following a light malt base. Personally, I detected an underlying pungent aroma that reminded me of a barnyard smell, possibly due to the bouquet of dried flowers Hop On Top features.
Taste: Flavor is very simple and light. It has a basic toasted malt bill that is complemented by the slightest touch of hop bitterness at the end which doesn't stick around for long. an after burp I tasted flowers. Can't pinpoint which kind, per say, but it was there! There is a slight tartness (perhaps apricots) and a slight presence of pine as well.
Mouthfeel: Light body but it is very creamy and goes down smooth. Bubbly active carbonation that quickly removes any aftertaste one may experience. Crisp, nevertheless
Overall Impression: Interestingly enough, this beer tastes better in the bottle than it does in a glass. It is very easy to drink, bordering on the lightness of a lager but with a big aroma that is misleading. I would suggest this as a gateway beer for those getting into the craft beer and a very easy drinker for those summer days.

Jen: 77/100
Tim: 77/100

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