Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Love Ale

Celebrated the beautiful day by lounging in the pool for the first time this summer and enjoying a nice cold beer or with Charlie. I picked this beer up from the Bolingbrook Binny's; there were so many to choose from I searched for a half hour before making my final decision. If Tim with me, we probably would have stayed for an hour before he made up his mind...I kid, but it's true! Truthfully, I half chose this beer because I loved the label and it reminded me of little doodles I used to draw in my notebook while spacing out in a summer school class.

Appearance: Clear, light golden-yellow color that poured with a half in fizzy white head that eventually dissipated into a ring that clung to the side of the glass. A few island-like patches of bubbles in the middle, produced by slow rising yet moderate carbonation. Leaves a bit of wet lacing.
Aroma: Aroma is primarily grainy and smells of light, sweet malt. Slight notes of citrus fruit (mainly lemon it seems), grassy and floral hops contribute to an earthy aroma which nicely balances the smooth sweetness of the German pilsner malts. Alcohol is not present in the aroma.
Taste: Flavor is pretty nice and simple. Upfront, the flavor is mild and sweet; malty. From there, a bit of graininess develops, followed by the complementary flavor of lemon citrus. Finishes with an earthy collaboration of grassy and floral hops that leaves a bit of a drying effect on your tongue. Slight bite of bitterness, but because it didn't linger, I regarded it as refreshing.
Mouthfeel: Mouthfeel is of light-medium body. Carbonation is fairly moderate and hits the tongue with a fizz. Brings forth the slight bitterness and floral flavors. Finishes quite smooth and crisp.
Overall Impression: Nice, drinkable brew for the summer or anytime for that matter. Quite refreshing and lives up to its name. Love summer.

Jen: 90/100

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