Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stranger American Pale Ale

Tasted following a 7 mile bike ride broken up by a 1.2 mile run in the middle and prior to enjoying yet another, lazy day in the pool. Thank goodness it finally feels like summer.

Appearance: Poured slightly hazy, a nice golden amber color. The head was frothy and foamy, only about a 1/4 of a inch tall and dissipated rather quickly, leaving a cluster of bubbles in the middle. Moderate carbonation can be seen through the chilled glass.
Aroma: Primarily made up of a mild maltiness. Kind of a bready character that dominates but is heavily complemented by citrus-like hops. Notes of grassy and caramel aromas resonate in the nose. Additionally, there is a hint of floral hop aroma that can be detected.
Taste: Begins kind of sweet and malty with a touch of caramel. Blossoms into a baked bread and biscuity sort of flavors complemented by an earthy character similar to tomato vines. Slightly resiny and perhaps a bit of rye? Citrus hops and grassy flavors contribute to a slightly dry and bitter finish. About half done with my glass and I can taste a bit of alcohol on the tongue.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied ale with a fair amount of carbonation that spikes the tongue and contributes to a crisp finish. Brings about a metallic sort of taste near the middle/end that doesn't stick around for long. Slightly bitter aftertaste though.
Overall Impression: Metallic flavors are a turnoff for me. Other than that, this APA is fairly drinkable if you don't mind a touch of bitterness near the end. Fairly drinkable, not my favorite, but I would probably drink two in a sitting if I didn't have anything else.

Jen: 81/100

Note: Check back for an additional rating from Tim once I give a bottle to him!

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