Friday, July 29, 2011

Abt - Unplugged Series

Tasted the night before the Bix 7 race after going out to dinner at the Lemongrass cafe in Moline. I purchased this from a random gas station while Luke and I were heading back from our camping trip a couple weeks ago.

Appearance: Glowing hazelnut brown with a quick to dissipate head, that originally took on a tan-grey appearance. Transparency is inhibited predominantly by the color. Some flocculation and particles are present towards the bottom.
Aroma: Boasting a rich arson of fruit and woody elements, this beer definitely has a very sweet profile to it. Notes of farmhouse and phenols are present as well as a fermented honey (mead) scent at the finish.
Taste: Chocolate and robust caramel foretaste that transpires with a touch of oaky and earthy undertones. Dark cherries and dry roasted plums. The midtaste begins to lead on an alcoholic flavor only to develop into a surprisingly farmhouse flavor at the very finish. Some vininess, but dominantly phenolic. The attenuation of the Belgian Dark Candi sugars certainly add to the unusual flavor profile brought on by the yeast. Minute notes of breadiness. Some bubble-gum at the end as well
Mouthfeel: Thick, but still drinkable. The carbonation isn't at an extreme, but it helps to bring the beer together in whatever oddity it was going for. It almost feels as if I can feel each bubble biting the tongue as the liquid goes down. Warming at the finish. Buttery textured.
Overall Impression: Extremely interesting. I cannot say I've ever had a beer such like this. It's both sweet, yet dry, farmhouse flavored, yet subtly fruity. I'm glad I only got a bottle, and especially something to share with a couple others, however a great conversation piece.


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