Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Holland Farmhouse IPA and Rye P.A.

Tasted a couple Wednesday nights ago at the RIBCo tapping of New Holland beers. With each $6 pint purchase one received the glass as well. Jen and I spent much of the night there in good company of Justin, Ben, Scot among others.

Appearance: Normal copper color with a puffy foam white head. Very still looking, yet a closer look reveals a bubbly complexion. Generally, it is very clear.
Aroma: Mildly fruity (rye has more caramel) with a big hop spicing about it. Quite peppery at the finish, both from the phenols but also from the different hop additions. Herbal undertones complement this as well. Finally a characteristically distinct funk  which braces the finish as it parallels the Belgian attenuation products.
Taste: Starts sweet and a bit biscuity and carameled, but at first take I see the dominant flavor as a herbal pepper hopping that leaves a lasting impression on the tongue. Some citrus and a dominant pine are present. Subtle funk and a tang, especially at the end (though the Rye mellows that out)
Mouthfeel: Both maintained a spiked carbonated bite on the tip of the tongue, yet were lighter in body (medium) than I expected. Crisp texture, and generally drying at the finish.
Overall Impression: The rye was overall a lot more nutty, but also perfumy with more emphasis on the floral/pine aromatic notes from the hops. The farmhouse encapsulated a really interesting combination of flavors that were just as palatable.

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