Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kiss The Lips IPA

Tasted Friday night while in Madison, WI with Luke and Co.  It was an interesting day after stalling on the highway a coupe times and taking over 4 hours to get to Madison from Rock Island.

Appearance: Clear and golden in color. Head is strong, but primarily consistent at a thick white film. Relatively still, but with a sporadic carbonation.
Aroma: Sweet and grapefruity. Mild pine and a touch of tropical fruit. Zesty, revolving around orange peel and coriander. Some yeast pungency  and crisp bittering.
Taste: Starts sweet, reminiscent of biscuit and very light honey. Pine is another prominent characteristic which remains semi-appealing in the mid-taste. I taste orange pith, as well as citrus and zesty orange peel. Grapefruit remains on the palate long after the actual sweetness has dissipated. An apparent character of fruity apricot and even pear is a present undertone. Drying aftertaste is not grassy, but palatably bitter, primarily encapsulating the flavor and finish of a big time grapefruit profile
Mouthfeel: Foamy and soft. The body is relatively light, but still boasts a bigger feel. Foams a lot in the mid taste, which only adds to the crisping finish.
Overall Impression: Generous balance of grapefruit both in bitterness and sweetness. Mildly citrusy and evenly zesty. A lighter IPA, but with a very crisp and drinkable curiosity to it.


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