Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sutliff Hard Cider

This is my first Cider Review. Though some may not feel it's appropriate for a beer blog, I see it not only as a beverage part of the forgotten hand crafted art behind fermentation, but also something that holds an enormous contributive history to beer itself. Therefore I will begin having a Cider label, within the beer list, and I will do my best to pick out what I taste. I have no experience tasting Ciders, yet have made several that I consider very drinkable. Recieved a bottle from Scott who was in the booth/spot next to us at the Des Moine Beer Festival last weekend. I was extremely intrigued with this beverage and must have consumed at least a pint in tastes over the long festival. My last cider was at Schwartz's Brewery in Sydney - which as I remember was fantastic!

Appearance: Brilliant in clarity with a large bubble accumulation on the sides, even more at the base of the glass. Pale champaign yellow, and like I said very clear, which I'm amazed at. No head
Aroma: I get primarily macintosh apples in the smell. Tartness is subdued by this mellowed sweetness. Very aromatic and perfumy.
Taste: This is where the tartness emerges from the other apple additions. Each apple contributes a different characteristic for their purpose. The sweetness takes an undertone while the tart apple rind rounds out the finish. Crisp and drying, yet leaving an aftertaste of apples. There is no spicing so the emphasis is the potential that the apple varieties have to offer. Alcohol is masked well under the soured flavor.
Mouthfeel: The effervescence of this drink lead me to think the carbonation would leave a big spike on the tongue, but rather the carbonation was just a light, yet prominent fizz that complemented the drink perfectly. Feel and texture were very light, yet still boasts a huge flavor. Body is as light as it gets which gets a crisp finish, not from the dryness, but just from the tart and light body. I find it more drinkable than water!
Overall Impression: Carbonation is maintained well after the pour. Sweet and tart leaving a very refreshing taste. Aroma is rich with natural apples and the aftertaste is mellowed and prolonged. I see myself seeking crafted Ciders like this more often. Totally worth it.

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