Sunday, July 17, 2011

Long Hammer IPA

The final six pack that Luke and I bought while on Madeline Island a week ago. It was the only IPA in the town's grocery store and the last six pack. And their new bottles and labeling caught my eye!

Appearance: Color is golden yellow and brilliantly clear. Carbonation looks to be quite high, yet appealing. Soapy foam white head with consistent patching after it dissipates a bit. Also leaves lacing that covers the entire side of the glass.
Aroma: Initially a fruity and strong piney scent. Alpha acids and a bouquet of floral hops emerge in a rush of appealing smells. Also some presence of sweet honey and biscuit malt complements the hoppy aroma.
Taste: Honey and biscuit flavor present in the foretaste as a mild sweetness and maintaining much of the backbone by which the hops blossom off of; it may also be even a bit bready. The midtaste begins to expose a wealth of floral and almost citrus flavors thanks to the hops. By the end, the orange (bittering) and pine complexities emerge spreading and quenching throughout the palate. Some pepperiness to the finish, but I really enjoy the tropical pine and fruit that are present.
Mouthfeel: Relatively on the lighter side of a body with ample carbonation. Finishes quite crisp and dry. Nothing to out of the ordinary with this characteristic.
Overall Impression: Incredibly refreshing and delightfully crisp. The balance between the malt sweetness and tropical, fruity hops is well worth fighting a hot day. Especially camping!


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