Monday, July 11, 2011

Ommegang BPA

Tasted Sunday morning at El Bait Shop after checking out of the hotel in Des Moines following the Saturdays beer festival. I sat at the bar with Caley's laptop typing up this review into Microsoft Word because they didn't have WiFi.
Appearance: Golden with a puffy white head of dense foam consistency that pillows the surface of the beer.  An underlying gloom resides throughout the beer, yet leaves just enough transparency to allow for one to observe persistently rising carbonation.
Aroma: Biscuit and mild citrus fruitiness. Some pine and grapefruit is present. Lemon zest and floral undertones. Subtly phenolic and spicy with some coriander.
Taste: Initially the malt bill maintains a light toasted and caramel taste with some brown sugar and other sugar additions. The mid-taste incorporates a nice lemon zing and citrusy floralness. Reminiscent of lemongrass and elements of sweet orange peel. Phenols and spice (Coriander), again show up in the finish. A little dry but still tangy.
Mouthfeel: Light body, particularly from the abundant carbonation which really foams up in the mouth leaving it very airy and soft flavor.
Overall Impression: Tangy and light, yet complex and refreshing. I enjoy the complex spicing and phenolic undertones. Still the citrus and the zesty fruitiness are very enticing.


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