Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Copperhead Ale

Thanks to Thad Miller of Rock Island Hy-Vee for giving me a bottle of this last week. I've never heard of this brewery until now, but will certainly keep it in mind. Taste preceded a quiet night of a movie and home made organic bean dip and chips.

Appearance: Glowing copper colored with an adequate carbonation bubbling up from the depths of the glass. A white foam ring clings to the inner rim of the glass. Clarity is minimal, but enough to see ones fingers hazily on the other side.
Aroma: Malted barley and grain make a large sum of the scent. Notes of Belgian candi sugar and caramelized brown sugar make an impression on the nostrils. Hops balance this all out with a neutral spicing.
Taste: Caramel backbone followed by a toasted malt sweetness in conjunction with a pleasant hop finish. Grain flavor makes up much of this beers sweetness with minimal notes of fruit and nuts. The hops round out with a bit of a woody profile alongside much of a very middle ground balance. I would say grainy, but the attenuation seems to have been taken to completion to relieve any wortiness the beer could have had, though a lingering foot print is still left behind. Honey emerges as the beer warms, along with some undertones of dates to parallel the malt foundation. Tannic Lignan present as well.
Mouthfeel: Higher carbonation foams up in the mouth giving this beer a very refreshing and crisp texture. Body is light while the feel has a sticky texture on the lips. Perhaps better to go less on the carbonation.
Overall Impression: Actually I was quite impressed with this beer. The flavor was richer than expected while still maintaining a balance. I thought Great River's Bix Copper was the best copper I've had, this just goes to show, there is always something better out there!


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