Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Railbender Ale

Tasted Wednesday night after filtering a whole 40 bbls of pale! I picked this beer up at a small beer store in Pennsylvania on our way home from the New York Wedding we went to a couple days ago. Reviewed in the evening following an 8 mile run totalling 15 for the day. Whhew!

Appearance: Basic Amber color with a bit of a chill haze to it, but otherwise it remains clear. Carbonation bubbles accumulate on the sides and bottom, similar to a soft drink. Head is negligible
Aroma: Sweet and perfumy of malted grains and some dark roasted fruit characteristics. Hops don't seem to be as present as the malt they work against.
Taste: A fruity peach like foretaste right at the front, but quickly surfaces on the palate as a rich caramel and mild toasted malt barley flavor. The malt reminds me of what would be layered around a toffee apple but with a bit of cherry mixed in. Very estery from the yeast attenuation. Hops leave the palate with a subtle spicing, reminiscent of the common oktoberfest with German Munich malt and caramel. I'd pick out even some cinnamon and brown sugar personally.
Mouthfeel: Heavier body with a pinch of carbonation at the very back of the mouth, but overall it maintains a rather flattened feel. Dry to the tip of the tongue and cloying in the back of the throat.
Overall Impression: A richly flavored and malt forward beer with a sweet foretaste and a caramel and toasted spiced finish that leaves the palate trembling for more. I was surprised that this beer made such an impression. As it settled in the glass and warmed up, the balance really came through.


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