Monday, August 22, 2011

Dark Brewed Porter

Bought on our way back from NY in Pennsylvania. It took us forever to find a place that sold liquor because PA doesn't allow grocery stores or gas stations to sell liquor, only specialty liquor shops which we couldn't find our entire car ride into NY. Finally had some luck on our return trip.
Jen: Tasted following a painful calf massage, those Vibrams can really make your legs sore if you push too hard, too fast. Poured into a funky shaped tulip glass my mom bought for me.

Appearance: Poured relatively clear (hardly any sediment), but is deep chocolate brown so visibility is at a minimum. Virtually no head withstanding, but does produce a a thin beige film and a bit of wet lacing when swirling to unveil aromas.
Aroma: Dark toasted malts, airing on the side of sweet. Possibly chocolate complemented by dark fruits. First time I've really understood the concept of a "stale" aroma which is apparent at the finish. Faint hint of sour-tartness too.
Taste: Light and bittersweet. Upfront, it packs a substantial amount of roasted malts followed by the presence of cocoa and dark fruit. Possible hints of a nutty or woody flavor? Slight undertone of earthy hops to add bitterness, but nothing to overwhelm, just to add a defining balance and crispness to the beer. Finishes with a subtle stale dark bread flavor that leaves a slight sour aftertaste. Not overpowering. As the beer wars, more of a toasted chocolate flavor emerges at the foretaste while the crisp hop finish and bittersweet aftertaste becomes prolonged.
Mouthfeel: Medium body with a decent amount of carbonation that leads to a creamy and smooth finish. Finish is a bit gummy in texture, but doesn't work in sacrifice of the refreshing taste/feel
Overall Impression: Lighter and charged with a semi tart, but not standout-ish flavor representing old style porters of London which were mixed with 1/2 stale brown ale and fresh dark beer. Very refreshing, enough to drink three after a long run. Jen: It's been a while since I've had a full pint of a porter. On a kick from IPAs, I like the change up. A perfect style to base a porter off of, from my understanding. Definitely worth the scavenger hunt for some kind of Yuengling six-pack, thanks Timothy!

Jen: 88/100
Tim: 86/100

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