Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mad Anthony APA

Purchased this from a random liqueur store in Pennsylvania. Apparently they cannot sell in Grocery stores or gas stations! Tasted after a trip to Blue Cat to try their new Ginger Saison.

Not the current label, the new one has a skull
with a pirates hat on...
Appearance: A clear amber with a pour that looked rather flat... Nevertheless bubbles begin to appear on the inside of the glass after a while of sitting. No head whatsoever or lacing for that matter.
Aroma: Very fruity - apricots and pears - right off the bat. Figs may be another descriptive similarity. Must not have dry-hopped it because it is very insufficient in aromatic hop qualities.
Taste: There is a lot of toasted malt in this one, and biscuit. I think this beer tastes more of a homebrew than something actually commercial, especially with all the yeast at the bottom of the glass. Also, yeasty byproducts definitely make for a estery flavor. Finally, at the near-end, there is a bit of a metallic and green-beer flavor that definitely distinguishes it from others, At the finish, we are left with a bit of oxidation.
Mouthfeel: Very low on the carbonation, which doesn't have a fine point of notice, but just lightly tickles as it passes the tongue. Bigger mouthfeel because of this.
Overall Impression: Interesting, but Really?! there were hardly any hops in this to begin with! more sweetness than anything, and even that was off. Nevertheless, I'd say that this beer may have been stored/aged improperly, especially from the place I bought it from.


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