Saturday, August 20, 2011

Silver Anniversary Ale

This was from the brewers dinner on Friday night before the Great Taste of the Midwest in Madison last weekend. Had tried it and was hoping to snag a bottle, but luckily Pierse had and left it for me in the cooler. Tasted Saturday afternoon after hanging out at the Shire and Augie Acres.

Appearance: Orange amber with a dense, but spotted foam off white head. Lacing starts wet but quickly dries. Clarity is about an 8/10 with a subtle chill haze about it. Carbonation is non-existent as the beer sets rather still.
Aroma: Large pine whiff at the nose. Big and spiced with a tropical and citrus character that is quite bold above all other scents. Some fruitiness is prominent. Very fresh and enticing.
Taste: Spicy herbal hops and pine. The malt is simply masked by what lies in the second halt, though it does provide a sweet backbone by which all hop complexities work off of. The alpha acids contribute a huge finishing grapefruit like profile that even leaves a grapefruit bittering aftertaste that is nothing but prolonged. Some leafiness is left on the palate once it dries. As the beer warms, more grapefruit is amplified. Alcohol is tasted a bit in conjunction with the hops at the end.
Mouthfeel: Medium body with a very smooth texture, carbonation lightly fizzes the tip of the tongue and then expands the texture and feel of the liquid as it passes the back of the throat. A bit tacky at the lips, but dry and resinous at the finish
Overall Impression: A strong version of an IPA but with a light tropical grapefruit zest that could easily mask the alcohol. Very potent aromatic bitterness, yet refreshing and crisp. Definitely one of Summit's best beers!


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