Saturday, August 20, 2011

Staghorn Octoberfest Beer

Tasted after a 7 miler morning run in which I stopped midway at the farmers market to snack on a loaf of the Mad Farmer's Old World bread. Mmm.

Appearance: Bright amber with a prominent carbonation arising in the middle of the glass. The head isn't substantial, in fact insufficient at best. Minute lacing. Clarity would perhaps be a 9/10.
Aroma: There is a mild lagered sweetness amidst a rather perfumy and spiced nose. Pungency and even a bit of cinnamon. Not too much of a hop presence in this beer, I think it's been primarily dedicated to bringing out the spices and malt base.
Taste: Taste is sublimely refreshing complete with a basic caramel and breadiness to parallel a lightly toasted malt bill. By midtaste, there is a pronunciation of honey and spice. To finish leaves the palate with a ginger and soft cinnamon flavor. The end is evenly dry and leaves a remaining woodiness to cloy on the back of the throat.
Mouthfeel: Light and highly carbonated, though nothing to deter the flavor complexities. Finish is dry yet as noted above, a cloying gumminess is left to the back of the throat. Crisp!
Overall Impression: A very complex, yet easy drinking beer. the spicing is the highpoint in this due to the fact at different points it leaves one to decipher in many directions - malt, midtaste spice, finish, aftertaste. OR it can simple be consumed on a hot summers day for pure refreshing enjoyment.


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