Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tundrabeary Summer Ale

Many thanks to Elise Meyer for purchasing this 6 pack when she visited during Bix weekend. Tasted prior to an 8 mile late run due to the extreme heat.

Appearance: Glowing amber but with a rubied/rose tinting to it. Because the beer was bottle conditioned, it remained relatively hazed. Hardly any head in existence except for a thin string of bubbles coating the perimeter of the glass, and a filmed accumulating in the center. Appears quite still.
Aroma: I get a very mellowed plume of blueberries and pear. Fruity but not so much tart, making me think it is something less of a concentrate and more of the internal fruit. Some caramel, and hardly any hops to speak of.
Taste: Sweetness plays a dominant flavor overall. However it is characteristically defined by the potent, yet not-so-tart fruit flavors that to me are reminiscent predominantly of mulberries. Some presence of blueberries. Addition of wheat to balance the fruit flavors, yet its presence is quite minimal and watered down.
Mouthfeel: Medium viscosity with light carbonation, though the body would be able to handle more ample carbonation. Finishes dry and leaves no aftertaste.
Overall Impression: It could use some additional hop bitterness to balance out the heavy fruit flavors. Similarly, I would prefer some tartness to play on a potentially refreshing taste. Although this brew is light and therefore very drinkable if your intention is to drink a lot in one sitting, it is on the bland side and lacks the character that would make me pick up another 6 pack.


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