Saturday, September 3, 2011

90 Shilling Ale

My first Odell's Beer! (Thanks Monte... not) Thanks to Paul for letting me have this beer from the "Research box" in the cooler at the brewery. Tasted after an 11 miler split up with a stop to at the farmers market to pick up some pumpkins for this afternoon's brewing.

Appearance: Deep mahogany Amber with a 1/2" off white, dense foam head with strong retention and an entire lacing left in it's wake. Clear, but still an underlying color inhibitory haze. Relatively still looking with the occasional bubble rising to the surface.
Aroma: Rich caramel and toasted malt. There is an undertone of fruit accompanied with a touch of nuttiness as well as a viney alcohol in the end. A bit of oxidation present.
Taste: Foretaste is rich of caramel with a robust malt barley backbone. The midtaste introduces notes of overripe plums, which again appears in the aftertaste. Similarly there is an introduction to a tannin bitterness which may come off to some as sour, but still remains more on a bittered side. Finally a rich toasted malt presence rounds out the finish of the beer while the hops help encourage a prolonged almost burnt bread flavor and a dryness between the tongue and the roof of the mouth. Alcohol is noteable present, though not very substantial, which could be confused with the hop profile.
Mouthfeel: Thick body with a soft and smooth texture all the way through until it exits the mouth. A bit of a bubbled fiz braces the tip of the tongue after a couple seconds. Finish is dry and resinous.
Overall Impression: Without a style name given to the beer, I was unsuspecting of this beers flavor, but I'd call it a Fat Tire x 10. With a strong caramel malt foundation and the hop finish to match, this beer boasts a flavor without the alcohol. A Roller Dam Red with more caramel and toast to the finish, while a boost to the body thickens the feel. The dryness at the end relieves the palate and quenches ones thirst


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