Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bonfire Rauchbier

Thanks to Jaron and Louis for bringing this beer over a couple weeks ago. Tasted Saturday afternoon after a morning spent at the farmers market seeking out ingredients for the weekend brew. I'm thinking a Pumpkin harvest with Brown sugar, Acorn Squash and Honey with a bit of ginger, and a lavender mead?

Appearance: Glowing red/amber with a thick head on top, that is, actually amazingly well sustained, especially the ring that clings to the glass. Lacing is wet. Carbonation is very strong with a persistent stream rising from the base of the glass. Clarity is optimal, though still a 9/10
Aroma: A subtle sourness predominated before a minute smokiness with a background of cane sugar as well as raspberries and other tart fruit. The yeast must have had a higher fermentation temperature, as well with the accompaniment of smoked malt.
Taste: Sweet foretaste of basic two row, honey and caramel malts. Rich notes of licorice as well as the obvious smoked barley throughout, but especially at the finish. Definitely a fruitiness present even in the taste, and amplified in the end as the smoked malt adds a bit of sourness to the mash I suppose.Finish revolves around a toasted flavor with not much bitterness except what comes from the tart smokiness.
Mouthfeel: Higher carbonation fills the mouth with bubbles and froth that further expand creating a fuller feeling, yet refreshing beer. Finish is dry crisp and fruity.
Overall Impression: Interesting incorporation of flavors. I guess to make a mass produced beer such as this the fruitiness doesn't hurt to balance out an otherwise firecamp flavor that would deter the un-experimental customer.


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