Sunday, September 4, 2011

Edumund Fitzgerald Porter

Purchased from the Wine and Cheese place in Plainfield a little over a month ago. First sampled it at the Great Lakes Brewery in Ohio and was glad to have a bottle at home to more thoroughly review. Tasted following a lovely sauteed eggplant and deconstructed steak kabobs dinner with my family.

Appearance: Poured with a thick tan, bubbly head that dissipated to leave barely nothing. Relatively clear and the color is a dark chocolate brown that reveals a ruby undertone when held up to a light.
Aroma: Lots of character. Noticeable sweetness reminiscent to chocolate that is complemented by roasted malt and a subtle coffee aroma to round out the finish. Underlying smokiness that accentuates the aromas.
Taste: A little taste of bittersweet chocolate upon first taste. Balanced by the malt and a hint of caramel sweetness midtaste. Also, the flavors and slight bitterness from roasted coffee beans are more prominent in the taste than the aroma lets on. Dry finish that is accentuated by a earthy hop flavor.
Mouthfeel: Medium body with a good supply of carbonation to unveil flavors. Goes down relatively smooth but leaves a bit of a stale aftertaste.
Overall Impression: Decent porter courtesy of Great Lakes Brewing Co. I'm not particularly a fan of the stale aftertaste that stays long after the beer is finished but I did enjoy variety of flavors that did not feel heavy on the tongue.


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